Zine Reviewing

We will not review zines that promote hate against ethnic groups or sexual minorities. We will not review misogynistic zines. We do not review anything by neo-nazis or similar hate groups. We will not review zines that engage in transphobia, which includes any kind of TERF content.

Forum Rules

  • Play the ball, not the player. DO not engage in attacks against other commenters or moderators.
  • If you have problems with a specific zine, such as not receiving a copy or getting a damaged shipment, please contact the zinester or distributor directly. We are not a forum for these kinds of issues.
  • Any variety of hateful speech towards other participants on this website will be deleted. We don’t need to explain what this is, as you are adults who should understand this.

Content that violates these guidelines is subject to removal. Serial offenders will have their accounts and posts removed from this website.

For Zinesters

  • Please consider that our reviews are forms of constructive criticism. Most of the time, reviews will be positive. Some times we may say negative things about a zine or part of a zine, or point out things that could be changed or improved.