Zine Fest Houston comes to Lawndale Art Center

Make sure to come out and show love to fellow zine and wrestling fans alike Saturday at Zine Fest Houston. l Art by Jade Young, Courtesy of Zine Fest Houston

via The Daily Cougar

by Binish Azher

Zine Fest Houston, an annual celebration of DIY mixed media by emerging and established artists from all over, will honor local zine artists Saturday as well as filmmaker Chris Bournea’s film “Lady Wrestler: The Amazing, Untold Story of African-American Women in the Ring.”

Zines, among other forms of mixed DIY artistry, are composed of hand crafted and published works of art and are usually completely self-made. The beauty behind zine-making comes directly from the makers themselves and often results in unique pieces of work celebrating niche ideas and cultures.

Zine Fest Houston will showcase a main theme of wrestling, and accompanying Bournea’s film in the project space will be various special guests with the presentation Audio Zine: How to Create Successful Podcasts Using Zine Skills, as well as a stand-up break down on the history of wrestling and humor.

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